Artist statement

Bonnie B Jewelry is unique artwork to wear. New York artist, Bonnie Bradley-Juarez trained as a metalsmith at SUNY New Paltz where most memorably she learned how to use concept and innovation in creating beautiful, wearable jewelry. In addition to using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as soldering, she carefully crafts many of her pieces using a special resin overlay technique to set stones and other materials. In conjunction with original collage, poetry or inlay materials such as threads and semiprecious stones, the artist uses resin to create relief and clear durability. As a mother of two, she has also created a special line of keepsake jewelry that charms all with tiny handprints, footprints and fingerprints, custom made with your loved onesí actual prints in miniature.

Vibrant colors abound in her collection featuring threads, while semiprecious stones seem to liquefy as they lay inside organic shaped sterling castings. Intriguing images float over sterling silver and handmade paper in a series called Cameos, which splices faces with unlikely images of anything from photographs of cloth to landscapes. And text becomes art in itself drawing romantic poetry from the artist's own writing as well as verses from Latino poets Pablo Neruda and Alfonsina Storni among others. The artistís new gold and silver line attracts a lot of attention, as each piece in her collection is wholly unique and vibrant inviting the wearer to enjoy owning an eye-catching accessory.